Protect your email by outsourcing your security infrastructure. Our solution allows you toEliminate threats that could endanger your IT environment by filtering your emails before they arrive on your mail server. Its low cost investment offers high-end functionality to small and medium-sized businesses.




Outsourced anti-SPAM service:

  • Outsource your security infrastructure
  • Low capital investment and high-end functionality within reach of SMEs

Anti-SPAM, Anti-Virus and Anti-Phishing

  • Outsourced inbound email filtering via our datacenter*.
  • Compatibility with all SMTP mail servers (MS-Exchange, Lotus Domino, sendmail, etc.)
  • Quarantine area by user or by domain
  • Secure (SSL) and user-friendly (multilingual) web interface
  • Multiple domain names and email aliases supported

Your benefits

  • No hardware investment
  • Maintenance and technical support included
  • Package for 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 users
  • Quality Guarantee: Satisfied or refunded within 30 days after commissioning

Our SafeCenter data center

  • 100mbps internet connection, redundant BGP routing
  • Availability 99.9%
  • 24X7 monitoring
  • Protection by application firewall and IDS/IPS