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At the heart of the Microsoft Cloud Platform vision, Windows Server 2012 R2 brings Microsoft's experience in delivering cloud services to your infrastructure on a global scale with new features and enhancements in virtualization, management, storage, networking, virtual desktop infrastructure, access and information protection, web and application platform, and more.

Windows Server evolution.
Windows Server 2012 R2 delivers quality performance and support for large-scale usage scenarios, as well as infrastructure innovation for storage, identity, networking, virtualization, and more. Windows Server 2012 R2 is an enterprise platform providing five times the logical processor support, 4 times the physical memory, and 16 times the memory support per virtual machine. The table below gives you an overview of the features available in the different versions of Windows Server.


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Optimize your company's resources with virtualization!

VMware enables you to reduce capital expenditures through server consolidation. Optimize your operating costs through automation. More info

VMware and DELL are the two leading players in virtualization and have a long history of innovation and collaboration. Together, they deliver unique, world-class solutions to help customers solve their IT challenges and achieve their business goals.

The industry's leading server virtualization platform, VMware vSphere enables consistent management of virtual datacenters. vSphere delivers benefits from day one by providing powerful server virtualization, exceptional availability, secure automated management and intelligent operational information that adapts to your environment. It provides automated workload placement and resource optimization based on predefined customizable templates.

With software, servers, networks, storage and services all built for virtualization, they offer innovative solutions.




Veeam® delivers availability for the Modern Data Center™ with solutions that enable Always-On Business™.

Veeam leverages modern data center capabilities to reduce Recovery Time and Point Objectives (RTPO™) to <15 minutes for all applications and data.

Veeam protects 9.1 million VMs for more than 157,000 customers worldwide. Whether you use vSphere, Hyper-V, or a combination of the two, Veeam Backup & Replication™ and Veeam Availability Suite™ provide support for the latest hypervisor versions - VMware vSphere 6 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V.
Rapid Restore: Achieve low recovery time objectives (RTOs) <15 minutes to restore the desired data, in the desired form.

Verification of the protection

Reliably restore files, applications, and virtual servers when you need them while ensuring operational resilience with automated backup and disaster recovery (DR) testing.

Total visibility

Monitoring and alerting tools discover problems in your IT environment and warn you before they have a significant impact.

Data used

Reduce the risks associated with deploying and updating applications by testing changes in a production environment before implementing changes in your data center.






The essential drawing tool!

Accelerated documentation creation with 2D CAD software.

Create 2D CAD drawings with AutoCAD LT® software. AutoCAD LT features include a richer design context and more intuitive tools, such as a stunning visual experience, intelligent dimensioning, and PDF file enhancement.

Perpetual licenses for Autodesk products will soon be withdrawn from sale in all countries around the world. Our subscription offerings will continue to evolve with packages that allow you to access multiple products and share your licenses as you do today with perpetual licenses.

If you purchase a perpetual license through January 31 or July 31, 2016 for the products listed above, you will receive full rights to own and use that license. If a Maintenance Subscription is associated with the perpetual license, you will receive software updates and benefits for as long as you renew your Maintenance Subscription.

Maintenance Subscription.

Maximize the value of your software investment with a Maintenance Subscription. Get the latest tools, flexible license management, comprehensive technical support, and cloud services easily and affordably. This is the last year you can purchase your product licenses individually and on a one-time basis. After this year, upgrades will only be available with a subscription.

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