Need technical assistance, troubleshooting, maintenance? Our solutions are adapted to your needs, to the size of your company, to its organization as well as to its human and financial resources. Our specialists can intervene directly on site or take over your workstations and servers remotely, with a simple phone call. With us, efficiency and simplicity guaranteed!

Global site management


Global site management

The solution to free yourself from the management of your IT.

We take care of everything! With comprehensive site management, you can now concentrate on your business activities. We take care of the necessary maintenance, monitoring or repair work - remotely or directly on site. This tailor-made solution covers the management of all or part of your IT assets, ensuring optimal operation. The contract specifies the expected level of service, allows you to define responsibilities and determine the terms of intervention. Your IT costs are under control and there are no nasty surprises.

Your benefits

  • Immediate intervention on a simple call, remotely or on site.
  • One contact person.
  • Guaranteed availability of your data and systems.
  • Assured troubleshooting of your users and systems.

Optional services

  • Weekend hotline
  • Remote data backup

Integration and deployment of computer parks

Integration and deployment of computer parks

SME / SMI your needs in computer support go from the simple workstation to the deployment of a complete park. We can offer you the entire installation of your new products.

We intervene in the following areas:

  • Simple installation of a workstation, printer or other device.
  • Network integration (workgroup or domain) of PCs, laptops and printers.
  • Centralized software deployment and updates.
  • Restructuring of a complete computer park.
  • Redesign of the network architecture.
  • Deployment of servers and server operating systems.
  • Server farm virtualization via VMWare.
  • Installation of a storage solution of type NAS and SAN, in Ethernet network or optical fiber.
  • Deployment of your network architecture.
  • Deployment of your Intranet and Internet security.

Maintenance service


Maintenance contract

The guarantee of a fast repair and a fast return to service in case of a major breakdown.

Our maintenance contract ensures a permanent monitoring of your servers and network infrastructure as well as a fast and priority intervention in case of problem.

The Nexan maintenance contract completes the manufacturer's warranty.
Indeed, the manufacturer's warranty applies only to the hardware. Our maintenance contract covers the software part (control of the operating system, regular updating of applications) and infrastructure (verification of the proper functioning of the network and parameterization). It also covers the cost of replacement parts, even for a computer whose manufacturer's warranty has expired. This maintenance contract works like an insurance and is concluded on an annual basis.

Your benefits

  • Priority call.
  • One contact person.
  • Provision of replacement equipment.
  • Controlled costs thanks to the annual package.

Own work

Prepaid services

The formula adapted to the companies which want to ensure the good performance of their data processing while preserving their independence.

By purchasing and paying an amount in advance, you benefit from priority assistance and support in case of failure. You also benefit from a discount on the hourly price.

This service is ideal for companies that wish to surround themselves with the services of a quality IT partner while remaining free to terminate their contract at any time.

Prices and conditions Equivalent benefit (CHF) Invoiced amount (CHF excl. VAT)
SP Gold > 10,000 (10% discount) 9'000.-
SP Silver 6,000 (8% discount) 5'520.-
SP Bronze 4,000 (5% discount) 3'800.-
SP Basic 2,000 (discount of 3%) 1'940.-


Your benefits

  • Priority call and intervention within the day (business day).
  • Maximum availability for routine interventions.
  • Preferential rates by paying in advance.



Take advantage of our hotline 7 days a week!

And save yourself time, stress and unnecessary expenses by contacting us directly at 026 425 88 65.
Knowing the importance of computers, our helpdesk is available 7 days a week. You benefit from support and advice regarding your concern.

Weekday hotline

  • Access to this service is free.
  • Monday - Friday (working days)
    From 08h00 to 12h00 and from 13h30 to 17h00

Weekend hotline

  • Access to this service is subject to a fee.
  • Saturday - Sunday (and holidays)
    08.00 to 12.00 and 13.30 to 18.00