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Server and Storage

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Increase your server performance with virtualization, while reducing your costs!

This advanced VMware technology turns hardware into software. Multiple operating systems and applications can run simultaneously on a single machine, increasing usability and flexibility. You save space, reduce your investment in IT infrastructure and maintenance, and save on your electricity bill.

Server consolidation.

Server virtualization allows the company to optimize the use of its server resources in order to reduce the number of servers required. The resulting consolidation of servers means increased efficiency and reduced costs.
Virtualization is heavily used in cloud computing.

This VMware solution is also ideal for small businesses where an on-site server is not always essential.

Your benefits

  • Use of all available physical resources.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Easy management and automatic backup.
  • Possibility of creating a completely independent virtual network.

Servers - Storage


Servers - Storage

Choose a server with exceptional performance!


DELL PowerEdge R430

Powerful and compact 1U 2-socket rack server. For your tight rack environments that require optimal 2-socket performance, large internal storage capacity, and shallow chassis depth.

DELL PowerEdge R630

1U 2-socket platform with twice the density of a traditional 2U server. For your applications where high-density computing and storage performance are critical, such as web development, cloud computing, medicine, engineering, and scientific research and development.

DELL PowerEdge R730

Highly scalable 2-socket/2U server with impressive flexibility. For your high-performance applications in media and entertainment, software development, finance, education, engineering, and medical and scientific fields.

DELL Dell PowerEdge VRTX

Shared infrastructure platform for desktop environments. The PowerEdge VRTX system integrates servers, storage, networking, and management into a compact shared infrastructure optimized for desktop environments. Supports full-height 4-socket M820 blade servers and half-height 2-socket M520 and M620 blade servers Up to 48 TB of shared storage with optional redundant PERC for RAID controller failover 1 GbE internal switch module with optional 10 GbE network switch module. Read more...

DELL PowerVault Storage

The PowerVault networked storage system provides efficient block and file-based data management with advanced software for efficient and adaptable data sharing.36TB of internal capacity combined with 12 data drives in a compact 2U chassisSAS drive options up to 600GB or Nearline SAS up to 3TBEnjoy file service management using Server Message Block (SMB) and NFS protocols with File Service Resource Manager (FSRM).


Efficient NAS and SAN brings high-end features that come standard-including MCx multicore optimization, FAST Suite auto-hierarchization, flash cache SSD, plus the option of Fibre Channel host connectivity. VNXe with VNXe core software, which includes EMC Unisphere management, thin provisioning, flash support, file deduplication and compression, unified snapshots, remote block replication, and more. Like all EMC VNX and VNXe, VNXe hybrid storage is an excellent choice for virtualized environments because of the deep integration with VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

EMC Data Domain

Storage systems with deduplication continue to revolutionize disk backup, archiving and high-speed disaster recovery, deduplication. by
By consolidating backup and archive data on a Data Domain system, you can reduce storage requirements by 10-30x, making disk cost-effective for on-site retention and highly efficient for network-based replication of disaster recovery sites.

Your benefits

  • Solution rich in innovative technologies
  • Simplified management and maintenance
  • Reducing risk and maintaining availability