Audit Analyse

An IT security policy includes many aspectsThese include securing network access and updating workstations and servers to address new vulnerabilities and attack techniques.

Security audit

Security audit

The analysis of IT security from various angles (technical, organizational, regulatory) allows us to highlight deficiencies and to propose solutions to remedy them.

The audit provides a neutral link between the existing infrastructure, the IT manager and the company's management.

Services in partnership with EDIFIS

In partnership with EDIFIS, a company specialized in risk management in the IT and medical fields, we analyze the technical and organizational aspects of your IT security.

IS Balance Sheet

Organizational approach and evaluation of your Information System (IS). The security of your information system and the protection of your information depend not only on a perfectly mastered technical infrastructure but also on an adequate organization. In order to limit the risks of IT incidents and to ensure the durability of your company, make an assessment of your IT organization.

Risk management

Risk management is a steering tool that allows the company's management to have an advanced indicator on the security of its information system. This approach aims not only to identify threats and vulnerabilities but also to define improvement opportunities. It offers companies a better anticipation of IT incidents and therefore a reduction in operational costs.

Risk Awareness

More than 80% of computer disasters originate from within the company. To help improve IT security within your company, invest in your employees by choosing
training of your users.

ISO 27001 approach

This approach integrates all the recognized methods of good IT practices (ITIL, CobIT, ValIT, etc.) while being based on the processes of the ISO 27001 standard. The approach allows the implementation of a structured and organized management system that facilitates the strategic alignment of IT objectives with those of the company.

Vulnerability testing

Vulnerability testing

An IT security policy includes many aspects, such as:

  • Secure access to the network
  • Workstation and server updates to address new vulnerabilities and attack techniques
  • Passwords and access rights
  • Authentication of interlocutors
  • Internal company rules of use
  • Legal constraints
  • External vulnerability testing

Aims to identify flaws visible from the Internet

Analysis from the internet of public IP addresses such as access router, firewall, WEB server, mail, FTP. Method applied: OSTMM by a certified engineer. Generation of a report mentioning the vulnerabilities found, and solutions to overcome them. A periodic vulnerability test service will allow you to be warned as soon as your network is in danger.

Internal vulnerability testing

Allows you to identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited from the Internet, and to determine internal vulnerabilities. Analysis from the inside (LAN, DMZ, Wifi) of sensitive IP addresses, such as servers with published services (WEB server, mail, FTP) and other systems such as ERP, LDAP or Active Directory, or any equipment of strategic importance.

Applied method: OSTMM by certified engineer.

Generation of a report mentioning the vulnerabilities found, and solutions to overcome them. WiFi security and coverage analysis The use of WiFi network in a professional environment requires security, performance and
reliability. The WiFi analysis includes access point discovery, security verification through intrusion attempts and WEP/WPA key breaking, access management, throughput measurement and coverage.



Keep an eye on your network.

NEX'monitoring provides you with all the information you need to have an efficient and secure network. This service offers you a reaction time on possible problems that may arise in your IT environment. Indeed, a systematic monitoring of your network helps you avoid failures, optimize networks and improve services.

This way you keep control over:

  • Your network stream.
  • Server/user antivirus.
  • Your backups.
  • Your servers.
  • Your impressions.
  • Your firewalls, VPN, network switch.
  • Etc.

Basic features

  • Monitoring of bandwidth, consumption, activity, availability and SLAs (Service Level Agreements).
  • Extremely powerful software engine.
  • Compatible with all types and sizes of networks.
  • LAN, WAN, WLAN and VPN monitoring of geographically remote networks using Probes (=agents).

Probes and protocols

  • More than 40 types of probes like PING, HTTP, WMI, SNMP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, RDP, DNS.
  • Analysis of network traffic and behavior using SNMP, NetFlow and Packet Sniffing.
  • Smart sensors (e.g. automatic identification and monitoring of multiprocessor systems.
  • Pre-configured templates for Cisco routers, SQL servers, exchange servers, network printers, etc.
  • Automatic network identification and automatic probe configuration.
  • Individually programmable probes.

Indication and evaluation

  • Completely new, fast and powerful web-based "State of the Art" user surface using Ajax and Flash.
  • Indication of monitoring data in different display panels.
  • Quick overview of the different layouts of the separate views.
  • Hierarchical displays (groups, devices, probes, channels).
  • Classified probe lists (alphabetically, by speed, by type, by characteristics, etc.).
  • Production of reports and logs (detailed logs of all activities and results).
  • Attractive graphs (for sensors, devices and groups) to display monitored data from different periods.
  • Individually created maps make it possible to combine the monitoring status with graphs and tables in adaptable layouts.
  • Alerts and information.
  • Alerts according to individually defined criteria.
  • Regular reports (HTML, PDF).
  • Different channels for information (email, SMS, pager message, HTTP request, syslog, etc.).

Minimum system requirements and data storage

  • HTTP-based interface for access to other applications.
  • Data storage in an internal database optimized for monitoring data.
  • Small download, easy installation.
  • Simple licensing model from free software to enterprise solution.
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 2003 or 2008.
  • Web interface optimized for all common browsers and the Apple iPhone.

Your benefits

  • Easily adapts to your infrastructure.
  • Informatique NEXAN takes care of the management.
  • All your data at a glance.
  • No training or initiation.
  • Quick installation.