Google Apps for Work


Google Apps for Work

The cost-effective solution for corporate messaging and shared calendars.


Why do companies use Google Apps?

  • Unified communications: You get email, shared calendar, contact management, instant messaging, and high-quality audio and video communications without having to launch separate applications.
  • Cost control: For CHF 60.00/year per user, without any initial investment in hardware, software or licenses, you benefit from all the functionalities of messaging, calendars, contacts and online documents.
  • Email accounts with 25GB of storage space per user, allowing for long-term retention of important emails.
  • Instant search for old messages.
  • Synchronization of mobile devices (PDA).
  • Spam and antivirus filtering: thanks to advanced filters your employees will be able to focus on the really important messages.
  • No maintenance, backup, upgrade or depreciation costs.

Proven safety.

The security features available with Google Apps are more advanced than those of most SMBs using their own email server:

  • Strong authentication: The administrator can define an identification strategy using a unique code sent by SMS. Also called 2-step validation, this process prevents identity theft through a system similar to the one used for bank account management.
  • FISMA certified and SAS 70 Type II audited: Processes regarding data security and confidentiality are reviewed periodically.
  • Availability 99.9% guaranteed.